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2003: what a rollercoaster ride.

Taking a page from amusia, here is my 2003 playlist. I actually did one of these for each month in 2003, but here's the iconic songs of the past 12 months in convenient CD length. (Not that I listen to CDs anymore.)

I'm not sure I want to get into why each song was selected, but suffice to say every one of these conjures powerful memories and strong emotions. Those who were there with me know what they mean.

If anyone wants a burn of this, let me know.


Artist Title
Boards of Canada Aquarius
Beaumont Hannant A Coffee With Benson
Dubok Low Boy
Haujobb Penetration (Floor Mix)
Bent The Light 3000
Laptop Whole Wide World
Goldie Inner City life (Goes To Miami Edit)
The Postal Service Nothing Better
Haujobb The Noise Institute
FC/Kahuna Hayling
Beaumont Hannant Ormeau Vocal Version
Alpinestars Burning Up
Aphex Twin bbydhyonchord
Killing Joke Love Like Blood
Air Liquide live in new york - part 3
mnemonic world outlook
Yellow Magic Orchestra Shadows On The Ground

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