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survey time!

Abortion?:it's the woman's choice.
Death Penalty?:For Bin Laden, yes. for everyone else, undecided.
Prostitution?:with strict Department of Health oversight, yes.
Marijuana?:yes please.
Other drugs?:anything but needle drugs.
Gay marriage?:sure.
Illegal immigrants?:give 'em one last chance to become citizens.
Smoking?:disgusting habit.
Drunk driving?:should be punished severely.
Premarital sex?:absolutely.
Religion?:none for me thanks.
The war in Iraq?:smoke and mirrors.
Bush?:shoot him.
Downloading music?:absolutely.
The legal drinking age?:should be 18.
Porn?:i love me some pr0n.
Suicide?:get help instead.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!
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