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funk dat

Just in case you were worried:

I have never used frienditto and never plan to.

Anyway, I had a really good weekend. I spent friday night and most of saturday with melissa611. much silliness ensued. We watched some terrible, terrible videos. I also got to spend lots of time with the impossibly cute mybutt_isfuzzy. We gave him a piece of muffin; he really, really loved it.

Saturday I also hung out with travisz, and did some maintenance on replicantgrrl's laptop. (BTW, starrai, if you see Ami before I do, ask her for Photoshop.)

Sunday was a pleasant surprise, as I got to see meatbtmanifesto for the first time since september. She had insolenthalo with her. Cool kid. We went for sushi and hung out in Coney Island for a bit. It was fun.

I woke up today with a tremendous, throbbing... headache. fuck.
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