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what would it be to know?

"What would it be to know?
What would it be to have an answer?
Would it be worth your while?
Could it all end in disaster?
Don't you even think about it
Don't you even try to start
I can see you in the corners
I can see you in the dark
It continues,
It continues,
It continues to escape me
It's not quite right the way you're trying to implicate me
Talking to my friends, trying to replace me
Picking up clues to finally trace me
It's a simple structure and if it falls apart,
How would you replace it, where could you even start?"

-Wir(e)- It Continues

Above is because the song thing melissa611 does seems to work well.

Not too crazy a weekend, all things considered. Hung out with kingmob23 on friday... cheap sushi, cheap beer and cheap cds... the finer things in life.

When I got in, I placed my order for my new baby...
Titanium Powerbook

She should arrive tuesday or wednesday. The problem is, she needs a name.

Here's a few I've been considering:
Soul Manager
Sub Unit One

(bonus points if you can tell me where these names all come from)

Of course, if you have a better one, I'd love to hear it. My current machine is named Morph.

Saturday I hung with Travis and Ami, then headed over to melissa611's place, and chilled with her friends. Smoked up a bit, and just relaxed. Then went back to Travis' and passed out.

Sunday was low key, hung out with Micah and Travis, learned a new plugin (PhatMatik pro). Then over to Mel's for my guilty pleasure (Sex in the City.) Then home. blah.

Going to bed now, I have work tomorrow.

If anyone was planning on calling me at work for the next 3 days, don't bother, I'll be at a different branch, training on the new computer system. I'm working full time for the next 3 weeks, so also don't expect me to have a lot of free time. I will be at the Interface/Human League show sunday, as well as Donna's birthday thing on saturday though.
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