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cuddling in the afterglow

The thing that I really love about being a Mac user is the aftercare. I'm at the Apple stor because I need to pick up DVD-R disks.... but since i'm running a bit early for my meeting with melissa611, I'm sitting in a nice cozy seat, updating my LJ and checking my mail. For free. Because Apple gives a shit about it's customers' experience. Now I'm not saying Apple is this great, altruistic corporate grandma figure... what I'm saying is that Apple knows that if you like your experience with Apple, you'll continue dealing with Apple. This is why I'm a loyal Mac geek. The user experience, both in terms of interacting with my Mac, and interacting with Apple itself is just plain good.

Hell, if you buy a Mac, they'll even teach you how to use it, if you go to the Apple store. (yeah, i'm looking at you, squidprincess)

Ok, enough propaganda. I'm gonna go buy my DVD-Rs now.
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