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another one

another quiz, by way of melissa611

First bike: um, none?
First best friend(s): kingmob23, meatbtmanifesto
First real memory of something: i got stuck in a car seat when I was 2, my dad had to cut me out with a knife.
First car: I never had one
First date: the movies with Danielle Eisner
First kiss: Anna, the cute polish girl next door. i hear she's a swimsuit model now.
First break-up: first one to matter? Aileen. i fucked that one up. beginning of a pattern for me, huh?
First job: babysitting
First screen name: doktorbrng
First self purchased album: Pet Shop Boys- Please
First funeral: my father's. (how's that for a fucked up experience?)
First pet: belle the dog
First piercing/tattoo: ears
First independent home: 1507. what a hovel.
First house/flat/apartment: see above
First credit card: A mastercard. mistaaaaaake!
First love: Gen Pollack
First enemy: myself
First big trip: texas
First play/musical/performance: I played a chemistry textbook in elementary school
First musician you remember hearing in your house: pink floyd

last good cry: recently
last library book checked out: does the library of Steve count? If not, some sci fi book or other.
last movie seen: in the theater? i forget
last book read: Orson Scott Card- Shadow Puppets
last cuss word uttered: fuck
last beverage drank: Pepsi
food consumed: chicken cutlets

last crush: if I told you, i'd have to kill you.
last kiss: mel.
last phone call: kathy
last tv show watched: Conan O'Brian
last time showered: this morning
last shoes worn: my paratrooper boots
last cd played: the new Killing Joke album. it rules.
last item bought: a can of soda.
last downloaded: digitalgeist's Red Techno demo
last annoyance: dissent amongst the troops
last disappointment: when my plans fell through.
last soda drank: Pepsi
last word written: pepsi.
last key used: my drawer at work
last word spoken: entry
last sleep: on the 'N' train today.
last im: melissa
last weird encounter: the homeless guy by the LIRR a few weeks ago
last ice cream eaten: a few weeks ago. with crunchies.
last time amused: tonight with Mel
last time wanting to die: sometime last week
last time in love: like it ever stops
last time hugged: tonight, by mel.
last chair sat in: mel's desk chair
last lipstick used: my goth phase was years ago.
last shirt worn: my Star Wars shirt
last time dancing: last month's contempt
last webpage visited:
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