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the sky is turning grey

First of all, tomorrow (hell by now it's really today, I guess) would have been my dads' 50th birthday.

i was a cute little bastard, huh?

RIP Sidney Muzykant, 1953-1986

I'll always miss you, dad.

My powerbook's been giving me grief for a month or so, occasionally my screen just gets all static-y and distorted. it was an intermittant problem, and it usually went away with a little fidgeting. As Travis just got a new one, he was kind enough to loan me his iBook for a few days while I wait for my Powerbook to come back. I miss it. There's so many little things i like better about my Powerbook: The feel of the keyboard, dual monitors, the screen resolution, the speed... I miss my powerbook, and I'm also trying not to get too comfortable on the iBook, as i need to return it in a few days.

If you're a PC user, with a large mp3 collection, I implore you to go to and get iTunes. It has the absolute best interface for managing large collections of mp3 files. It also has this cool feature. multiple copies of iTunes on a network will automatically discover each other on a network and stream music to each other. no network configuration required. did i mention it's free? Go get it, kids.

Went to Magnetic Field with kingmob23 and his lovely girlfriend Sara tonight. It was a cool little place, good ambiance (even though a bunch of yahoos were watching the game and screaming everytime the Yankees hit the ball. Sheesh.) The music was awesome, a really nifty mix of postpunk (Joy Division, Wire, Killing Joke,) goth and non-whiny indie rock type stuff. The bar was a little small, but it was just a cool place... maybe the resurrection of cross_platform will happen there. We left early because Steve had work. Had I known that, drama could have been avoided, and i could have done everything I had planned to do.

A possibility of a fulltime job has been floated my way. Details will remain sketchy for now. What this means is uncertain; I'm not sure I'll take it. But Astoria seems to be in no rush to offer me a fulltime position in Brooklyn, so this may be the just the kick in the ass i need to get on my way ot a real life and the big plans I have.

To do:

go to cemetary
buy Matrix Reloaded
check status of Powerbook repair
fix things
finish Slaughtermatic
get full time job
pay off debts
get Cubase SX 2
eat sushi
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