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I'm posting from 41,000 feet (obviously to be uploaded later,) a great vacation in Arizona behind me.

If you've never been there, all i can say is go. I'm not a damn hippie, not a nature lover by any stretch of the imagination, but there is a stark beauty to the desert that everyone should see. The Grand Canyon is awesome and a bit terrifying in it's magnitude. I hiked down a little, but my fear of heights kicked in and we went back up.

The Meteor Crater was amazing as well, just to imagine the force that a 150 foot chunk of iron and rock would have to hit with in order to make such a huge hole. There was a computer set up so that we could set up conditions of another meteor hitting the earth. It was really cool to annihilate the planet. ;)

There's a lot of variety of climate in Arizona, near Phoenix, the desert is flat, hot and dry, but up in the mountains near Sedona and Flagstaff there were lots of trees. Sedona is beautiful, lots of red rock formations and twisty mountain roads.

squidprincesswas gracious a hostess and a cool tour guide. I had a ton of fun; I'd love to go back one day.

Incidentally, I'm on the plane now, and the captain just pointed out the amazing Aurora Borealis we're having due to the solar storms. Beautiful.

OS X 10.3 is amazing. If you're a Mac user, go get it right now; it rules.
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