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"Any waste of effort
isn't part of my design"

-The Human League - Tell Me When

Someone at Apple computer is in dire need of a savage beating! I love their machines, love the design, love the flexibility, love the OS.

But for christ's sake people, quality control, where the fuck are you?

We're all familiar with the powerbook problems I've had for the past few months. 8 days ago, i sent my powerbook off to California for the second time, to fix a random freezing problem. On thursday, I called to see if an progress had been made. according to the woman on the phone, my machine was bieng repaired at that moment. "good," I thought, "I should have my machine friday, or at the latest, monday."

Monday morning rolls around and the FedEx truck, like starring roles for Carrot Top, is a no show. I'm a little peeved, so i call up Apple looking for the status of my Powerbook. According to the gentleman I spoke to, my baby was still waiting for a part. Now, the woman i spoke to on thursday said that my machine's status had switched from 'waiting for part- logic board' to 'under repair.' So how is it that my status went BACK to 'waiting for part- logic board' on monday?

This is bullshit, and I'm typing this on my little brother's 200mhz Powerbook 3400c. i'm livid. I can't put up with OS 9, and I sure as fuck don't want to use Windows. It's been 8 days, and I WANAT MY GODDAMN COMPUTER BACK. I didn't drop $2500 so it could sit in a fucking repair depot. I'm hooked on Apple, they probably won't ever lose me as a customer; OS X is still too damn good. But shit, i feel like i need to do SOMTHING to express my displeasure.

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