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this is the truth

Comics genius Warren Ellis' genius rant on the dire state of the current music scene.

"Mainstream pop music is almost always bad., it's a given. But, God, can you remember a time when the most popular acts were this empty? It's like that awful vacuum before punk, when people were buying Dean Friedman records just to have something to buy, and poster companies were printing off six-foot long images of Nana Mouskouri and Demis Roussos just to have something to sell. Or that space in the 80s before acid house broke (and, at the same time, there was some of the best guitar music ever), when pop music lost its bass and went horribly toppy and starved-sounding. I'm getting a little sick of living through these dead zones."

And in an unfortunately related issue, melissa611 is watching Justin Timberlake on channel 4, and apparently he ganked the main riff from The Ocean by Lez Zepplin. I mean, he is a bit more talented than your average cookie-cutter pop icon, but really, kid, you're white. You don't have soul. Shut up and be unassuming, ok?


What i'm thankful for this Thanksgiving: I write real music. Intelligent music that comes from the heart and soul. Music that's no prepackaged and bite-sized for maximum blandness and minimum offensiveness. No one tells me what to say with my music and how to say it.

Thanksgiving was cool. Family time was cool. Hanging with melissa611 is also cool. Enjoying my 4 day weekend. Good shit. Tomorrow is Sara's 27thl b-day celebration, time for Thai food! w00t!!!! :)
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