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the apocalypse is at hand

Seriously, can we be far from "hey kids, engineer your own pets!"?

I just want to take this moment to acknowledge how moronic my former employer, Astoria Federal Savings can be. As you all know, my last day with them was the 14th, which was also payday for me. I signed up for direct deposit when I started the job, and have received my pay directly in my account biweekly for a year and ahlf with nary a problem. Now, for some reason, they decided to send my final check to me via mail. WTF?!! I didn't close my account (and I'm sure payroll is aware of this fact) but for some reason, BAM! I'm screwed! i'm expecting money on friday, and here it is saturday, and my check ain't here. Unless i take monday off (not gonna happen) to wait by the mailbox, I'm not going to be able to cash this before tuesday night. WTF?!!

Sara's b-day tonight. should be fun.
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