chris boring (doktor242) wrote,
chris boring

Stolen from lazarus_phantom

1. If you could have any 3 Super Powers, what would they be?
(a.)the ability to stop time for everyone but me and whomever i touch
(c.)mind control

2. What are you 5 all time favorite movies? No particular order.
(a.)The Empire Strikes Back
(b.)The Matrix
(c.)Donnie Darko
(d.)A Beautiful Mind
(e.)Bladerunner (Director's Cut)
(e.)all Harry Potter movies

3. You're granted 3 wishe, what are they? (And please, no wishing for more wishes)
(a.)A new Mac every 6 months.
(b.)a job as a remixer
(c.)ummm... in the wise words of the 8-ball, "better not tell you now."

4. Who are your 3 current favorite comedians?
(a.)Margaret Cho
(b.)Dave Chapelle
(c.)Eddie Izzard

5. Who are your 5 most hated bands?
(b.)The Grateful Dead
(d.)No Doubt
(e.)Velvet Acid Christ

6. Who are your 5 most beloved bands at this moment?
(b.)front 242
(d.)yellow magic orchestra

7. What were your 3 favorite board games as a child?
(b.)Chutes and Ladders
(c.)Trivial Pursuit

8. What are your 3 favorite comic strips of all time?
(a.)Calvin and Hobbes
(b.)The Far Side
(c.)Get Fuzzy

9. Who are your 3 favorite horror movie characters of all time?

10. What are 3 of your favorite scents?
(c.)The smell of napalm in the morning

11. What are your 3 favorite holidays?

12. What are 5 qualities you look for in the sex you are attracted to?
(a.)pretty eyes
(c.)sense of humor
(d.)a nice rack ;)
(e.)the same thing Sir Mix A Lot looks for...

13. What are your two favorite types of candy?
(a.)Mounds bars
(b.)Reese's peanut butter cups


14. If you could tell me anything what would it be?
I'm telling you, it cauterizes the wound, dammit!!!!!

15. Do you think I did an okay job at my first attempt creating a quiz?

Hell yes!


Did you notice at any point during this quiz that you'd given a possible 46 & 2 answers to my questions?

Do you know why?

sue gave it away. Great song, bro.
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