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The week in pictures!

Ivan is the METAL JEDI

melissa611= cuteness.

My messy desk. This is where the magic happens.

meatbtmanifesto plots evil.

I deflect evil with my nonchalant attitude.

Antichrist World Headquarters. (In Long Island, of course)

Girl Drink Drunk!

My messy desk redux (at work)

I work in an industrial wasteland.

My brothers (James, 11 and Daniel, 6)

Some artsy pics now (note: no photoshop used other than to reduce the file size/reolution. don't sweat the technique):

These are the red Christmas lights in the room. No flash + moving camera + dim colored light source = cool pics.

I'm obsessed with getting a good pic of this thing.

I love pics of moving trains.

I also love iPhoto and my new camera. :)
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