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no, i'm not sucking up

kingmob23's survey

1: You

1) What’s your talent? interesting noises
2) Are you using it? not as much as i'd like to.
3) What thing do you admire most about yourself? (Don’t say nothing) my love of music
4) Are you doing something you love? If not, why? I love it, but I haven't been there long enough to be jaded.
5) What (who) do you miss? my father
6) If you could spend the holidays anyway you want, how would you spend them? with my friends... probably on ecstasy.

2: The Other

1) Who’s the most talented person you know? hrm, that's a tough call. probably kingmob23.
2) Who makes you cry? meatbtmanifesto, unfortunately.
3) Who do you enjoy talking to the most? kingmob23
4) Who do you wish you could hug more often? melissa611, das_panzer
5) Who helped shape the person you are right now? kingmob23, my dad (or the lack thereof)
6) Who makes you laugh? once again, kingmob23

3: Finish the sentence…

1) I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that god is actually… a small, hunchbacked old man named Melvin.
2) Poetry is… music without tone.
3) The first person I ever loved… nearly destroyed me.
4) When I woke up that morning… I wanted to go back to sleep.
5) The greatest book I ever read was… Vurt, by Jeff Noon.

4: The world outside

1) Are you proud of where you’re from? (City, state, country) I'm proud and horrified all at once.
2) Are you political? Do you identify with a party? I'm not active, but I consider myself a Socialist.
3) How often do you read (watch) the news? I get the NY Times headlines in my inbox every morning.
4) Do you believe that the world is controlled by a shadow organization…possibly even a coalition of Freemasons, Bildibergers, and reptilian/human hybrids whose ancestors came to Earth from Sirius hundreds of years ago? If so, can I have your information and current location please? could you repeat the question, Mr. Icke?
5) Are we on the express elevator to hell? yes, but it's stuck between floors right now.

5: The music

1) What artist/album/genre can you drone on and on for hours about? haujobb/ninetynine/idm
2) What artist/album/genre do you wish you knew more about? classic electronic music/musique concrete, like Stockhausen, etc..
3) Who could write the soundtrack to the movie of your life? Daniel Myer
4) Quote me a lyric. Whatever’s in your head right now. (NO internet searches!) "november, my whole world was cold and grey,
do you remember how you turned the clock to may?" -Yellow magic Orchestra
5) What artist/album/genre should everyone know about? I think in 200 years, they'll be teaching Autechre's Tri Repetae++ in conservatories. Be ahead of the game.
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