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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

A moment away from all the bitching, moaning, and chaos. A moment away from the quizzes, the dumb news articles, the craigslist insanity...

If you're religious, then my your chosen holiday be bright, be it Christmas, winter solstice, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or whatever.

If you're not religious, take the time while everyone else is too busy with family stuff to reflect on the year that will soon be in the past, the good things and the bad. Be thankful you're alive, and you have friends and family, and at least enough cash to enjoy the internet once in a while.

This has been the best and worst year of my adult life, and i'll be glad to see a new year and chance for a new beginning... Here's to that. 2003 hasn't gone according to plan, but then, what year ever does?

Happy holidays. I love you all.

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