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The obligatory holiday loot post

Giftwise, this was one of the best, if not the best Christmases ever...

I got a ton of great stuff...

melissa611 bought me a star, as i mentioned thursday night. Pretty rad.

This year was the year of the DVD for me. I was never a VHS collector, but I really wanted to start collecting DVDs as soon as I got a DVD player... VHS tapes degrade every time you play them, but DVDs should last for decades.

Anyway, I got the Alien Quadrilogy 9 disc box set. Holy crap, what an amazing box set. This is the one that DVD designers are going to be trying to top for years. 9 discs of sweet, chestbursting alien goodness. Anyone wanna host a film festival?

I also go Chasing Amy (Criterion Edition), Dogma, Clerks the Animated Series, and Spaceballs. Good haul, huh?

I also got a Game Boy Advance SP. Holy crap, this thing is cool!!!!!! It's tiny (fits in a pocket, folds in half so the screen is safe), has a rechargeable battery, and a kickass backlit screen. I never got the original GBA because the screen was so dark and hard to see, but this thing rules. I've used every Game Boy since the original grey brick version, and this thing just kills. I also got Pac Man Collection for my first GBA game. I also picked up the classic Super Mario World, because it's a must have, and Robotech: The Macross Saga because I'm a sucker for that show. My little brother is also under the mistaken impression that he's going to get his copy of Metroid Fusion back. I haven't been this excited about video games in a long time, but I just love the idea of being able to play video games on the bus or train... I don't really have time for gaming at home, but i do really miss it, and I think that GBA is going to hit the spot.

Also got William Gibson's Pattern Recognition. i'm already almost halfway throught it, and it's fantastic. William Gibson's science fiction has always been very close to the future (he coined the term cyberspace AFAIK,) but he's gone from writing day after tomorrow to right this minute... this story takes place in the aftermath of 9/11/01, and it really captures the feel of the times. It's present day, without losing the dark future noir Gibson feel. really magical, I recommend it highly.

Got some toys (Matrix figures, Star Wars figures and others...)

Of course, i enjoyed giving my brothers their gifts more than anything *I* got. but still, a great year.

I'm finally getting sleepy, I've been wide awake too long. gnight, kids.
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