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my New Year in a nutshell

melissa611's new year's eve party, lots of pics. Go clicky.


Chicks dig the iPod.

Christine: one of the few people melissa611 can rely on. She rules.

Ivan rocks the Game Boy.

Sue (das_panzer) checks her camera.

"Im my opinionation, the sun is gonna surely shine!"

Rimjob? What's a rimjob?

Eric's cock brings all the girls to the yard.

Here's the part where I think deep thoughts.

Steve (kingmob23) and Sara!

Eric! (elektrovst)

Dick Clark!

awwwwww sit!

The obligatory shot of Eric sticking his tongue out. I'm too lazy to reopen Photoshop to rotate this.

this is so LJ icon material.

This is Nicky, aka Kevin. He's 15 years old, and Ivan's cool younger brother. What this picture doesn't tell you is that he threw up half an hour later, and Sue tried to get him to take his pants off... ;)

Ivan, aka THE MAN!

Sue puts on her PJs to be cozy in the car, but she doesn't want to leave.

There, there, papa Eric will take you home.

My girlfriend is sexy as hell.

Apparently, Sue thinks so too!

The party was cool as hell ,just a bunch of cool people, drinking, smoking and bringing the New Year in with a blast. Dick Clark was on TV, we had vodka and SoCo and other good stuff on hand. Everyone got along, and all was cool.

After the party, I passed out for a few hours, then woke up Mel for a little bit. That's the good stuff.

As for the bad stuff:

Nicky spewed all over the carpet and the chair. from now on, he must spend all parties in the bathtub.

Mel had a huge fight with her mother.. I think her younger sister overheard us this morning and ratted Mel out. Her mom told her ot get out of the house. So we're sitting in a Starbucks wondering what the fuck to do now.

Mmmm, toffee flavored coffee.

Yessir, that's my 2 girls.

I'm really happy to have wirelss right now. how did i live without this?
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