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no doubt, no doubt.

1.Describe yourself as a child in one word.: solitary

2.If you’d known one thing you know now that you didn’t during your first sexual experience, what would it be?: how to perform oral sex.

3.Imagine you could gain total memory from any single year in your life. What year would it be?: 1985. the last full year I had my father alive.

4.Explain a time that you’ve used your sensuality to get something other than sex.: validation, really. nothing much else.

5.If you found out for certain there is a Heaven AND Hell, how would you change your life, or would you even change it at all?: It really depends on where my dad is.

6.What point in your life do you feel the most guilty about?: 1999.

7.Let’s say you get in the way-back machine and you’re able to witness any one time in your family’s history.: maybe when i was 5 or 6 years old.. just ot see homelife with my dad..

8.What age would you remain if you could stop the aging process at any point in your life?: 17

9. If you had to name where the majority of all your fears come from, what would you say it is?: probably my dad's death.

10.Can you name the nicest thing ever to happen to you by chance? What was it?: hmmm.... I found $10 on the train platform one day. Found a working Atari 2600 in the trash once too.

11. What was the worst sin committed against you?: someone hacked my email once.

12. If you could regain any piece of clothing you threw or gave away, what would it be?: I miss my favorite Joy division shirt. And my corduroy pants that disintegrated.

13.If you had someone else’s eyes for a day, whose would you choose to have?:

14. If you could make, absolutely, one thing come true for a friend, what would it be and who?: I want everyone's dreams to come true.

15.Out of all your friends, who is the most comfortable with their sexuality?: probably ME.

16.If you could have anyone in the world tell you the most romantic thing ever, who would it be and what would they say?: o_0 there's no one right answer to this question.. it's different things and different people at different moments.

17. If Heaven were to look like one of your friends’ homes, whose would it be?: elektrovst's basement.

18. If you could say that there was a time in your life when emotional attachment to a person was vital, who and what time would it be?: kingmob23... this guy has been the foundation in my life for 15 years.

19.Who do you miss most right now?: My dad

20.Who can make you laugh the most?: kingmob23 cracks me up, yo.

21.What could a person do to successfully woo your current lover away from you?: I'd imagine it would involve candy and a van.

22. If you could be killed by any animal, what would it be?: a chicken. because how funny would that shit be?

23. If you were in the circus, what would you be?: well not that lion tamer. Poor Roy. Maybe the ringmaster.

24. What smell makes you nostalgic?: vanilla.

25.Where is the dirtiest place you’ve ever been?: an Italian public restroom.

26. What was the best “I told you so” you ever delivered?: you know damn right!

27. What do you feel is the most beautiful word in the human language? Why?: cellar door. ask Drew Barrymore.

28. What is the ugliest word in the human language?: morning

29. What word would you like to convince people to stop using?: axe, as a verb.

30.If you could have any starring role in any film that has already been produced, what role/film would it be?: I'd want to be Samule L Jackson in Star Wars Episode 2.

31. If you could erase any murder from history, what one would it be?: Archduke Ferdinand II? How the fuck would I know?

32. If you had the power to eliminate one certain kind of natural disaster, what disaster would you choose?: mudslides. they sound way too silly for the kind of casualties they cause.

33. If you were able to have a romance with any fictional character, what character would you choose?: Jessica Rabbit?

34. What was the best music show you’ve ever gone to?: haujobb at Limelight, 12/00

35. What is your favorite musical instrument?:
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