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God, this REALLY pisses me off...

NY State wants you to pay tax on online purchases...

As usual, this money will probably head north, never to be seen again. Every year, New York City gets back considerably less in state aid, funding, education, etc, than it pays into the state in taxes. This is unconscionable. now they expect us to pay sales tax on items purchased online, when we bought them online in order to avoid the ridiculously high sales tax we pay here!

I'm tired of sending my money out of the city, and seeing very little of it come back. I'm tired of being governed by a bunch of stupid hicks who are not in tune with the needs of this city, who wouldn't be in power if the election districts were fairly laid out so that the city, where the vast majority of people in NY state live, had more power than upstate and western New York.

New York City and it's surrounding suburbs should secede from New York State. Let Albany take care of itself. And if you think I'm clipping my reciepts for you, Mr. Pataki, think again.
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