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<3 Apple

(x-posted to macosx

My iPod's headphone jack has been kinda wonky the past few months, requiring me to wiggle it in order to hear both ears. It's a 15gb Gen 3, I bought it in May '03. I'd been putting off bringing it to Apple because I didn't want to be without entertainment on the subway. Anyway, I figured, what the hell, I have a Gameboy Advance SP, I can live without it for a few days, so I headed to the mothership. After an extremely long wait, I was pleased to find out that they would just swap iPods right then and there. So my dingy, scratched up iPod goes back to be refurbished and make some other geek happy, and I get a bright, shiny new one. Everyone's happy!

in other news, i'm happy to say that my writer's block is pretty much gone, so new Hexane and sub_divide music is coming soon!
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