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This weekend was a weekend of culture for me. Friday, I checked out cranky_coleman in 'Sweet Citrus', from a collection of short plays entitled 'Briefs' at BRIC Studio in Downtown Brooklyn. I liked it very much, all 5 plays brought something really good to the table. kingmob23, Sara, and Steve's friend Tommy from work joined me at the plays. Afterwards, we stopped for drinks and snacks, and were met by Donna. Much fun was had, and stories were told. Yay!

Saturday, after work, I rushed to Chelsea to check out the Future Noir exhibition. There were a few pieces I liked (see here, here, and here,) but fir the most part, I was a bit disappointed. There were a few of Syd Mead's design sketches from Bladrunner, but the exhibit was small, and a lot of the art was a bit generic futurist stuff. Was fun, I went with Travis, Prusik, Micah and a few other friends.

After that, I figured i'd make up for all that culture with an oversize dose of lowbrow fun, do it was off to the Batcave! My knee is still wonky from when I fell on Monday, so no dancing for me, but I still had tons of fun. melissa611 and i got to chill with das_panzer, elektrovst, and the mighty gay Fred! I also ran into djxfixi8 (sorry we didn't get to talk nearly enough,) azraeltrigger, Furax (from sk,) and others. Sorry I didn't get to see you, terrorfakt, that was a pretty intense set. i was also pleased to see no revolting cybergoth "dancers" on stage during the night, so maybe that stupid trend is on it's way out. We can only hope.

Ok, insomnia's finally dropping away. time for bed!
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