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Ganked from melissa611, who took it from margrethe:

"Pick an interest from my list of interests that either 1) you know nothing about but sounds intriguing, or 2) you know something about but can't fathom why yours truly would be interested in it, and demand an explanation. Verily, I will provide."

80's, 80's movies, 80's music, 80s, anti-bush, anti-riaa, aphex twin, apple, beer, big black boots, boards of canada, books, box, c-tec, caffeine, chasing amy, civil liberties, cleen(er), clerks, coil, comics, covanant, cynicism, dark illumination, david bowie, dead can dance, depeche mode, discussions of aesthetics, dj, donnie darko, dorks, download, dryft, dubok, duran duran, ebm, edward norton, eff, electronic rights, experimental, family guy, fight club, flirting, forma tadre, friendster, front 242, fugazi, geek, goldie, gridlock, haujobb, hedonism, hmb, industrial music, invader zim, johnny the homocidal maniac, joy division, kevin smith, laibach, lassigue bendthaus, logic audio, love and rockets, mac, mac os x, macintosh, making mixes, making out, male or female, massive attack, matrix, meat beat manifesto, monkey, monkey box, monkeybox, movies, mp3s, music, nanotechnology, nazi punks fuck off, negative format, nerds, new order, new york city, newt, nintendo, noise, nyc, orbital, pal, pax, peter murphy, philosophy, photoshop, poetry, pop will eat itself, porn, portishead, powerbooks, quality beer, quantum physics, radiohead, ranting, reason 2.5, schadenfreude, science fiction movies, simpsons, single gun theory, skinny puppy, speedy j, star wars, stupid people, sushi, synthesizers, the 80's, the postal service, u2, underworld, vinyl, waxtrax!, weird al, wire, x marks the pedwalk, your mom, .
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