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in stream of consciousness mode today...

Anyone notice the big Cure thing that seems to be going around? Pictures Of You in a commercial, 311 doing a passable cover of Lovesong (had a dubby feel, kind of like early Police), that rap song by Just Jack that's basically Lullaby with a drum machine, a girl singer and a british guy rapping over it... hell that new Blink182 song sounds an awful lot like the Cure... incidentally, it's a pretty good song, I'd like to hear it sung by a band that doesn't sound so crappy. I mean, the lead singer does that incredibly irritating SoCal pop punk whining sneering thing. I fucking hate that. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the Cure. I need to dig out my copy of Disintegration.

We're having our St. Patrick's day party at work, so I may not be around too much today until after 5. Toodles.
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