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super colon blow

Stolen from melissa611 and distortedsoundz:

Had sex with someone who had a genital piercing?: yep! fun!
Gotten "rug burn" from having sex on the floor?: ow ow ow
Stolen moves from porn: not really, it's more like watching and saying "ooh! let's do that!"
Anal sex?: Like Christmas, 'tis better to give than recieve.
Which sense plays the largest role during sex, other than touch? hearing
How do you feel about hairy chests?: it beats serious razorburn.
What body type turns you on most?: "large buttocks are pleasing to me, nor am I able to liee concerning this matter."
Had sex without kissing the other person on the lips?: yep.
Do you like watching the penis enter the vagina?: Does the pope shit on Catholics in the woods? (yes)
How do you feel about spanking during sex?: turn around, bitch!
Do you like being bitten during sex?: I prefer to be the bitER, not the bitEE
Other than the obvious, what's the most sensitive zone on your body?: neck or ear
What kind of music gets you most in the mood for sex?: trip hop. idm. George Michael.
Would you like to have erotic pictures of your partner?: hmmmm... yes.
Favorite way for partner to verbally express his/her pleasure during sex?: noise. lots of noise or talking.
Nipple Stimulation?: that tickles
Is your partner having a genital piercing a turn on?: yum
How do you feel about having sex in a public place?: as long as there's no risk of jail.
Ever cracked up laughing during or just after an orgasm?: during and after sex, yes, not while getting off.
Ever reached orgasm without actually being touched/touching yourself?: if i could do that, i'd never leave the house.
Did you have an orgasm the first time you had sexual intercourse?: yep.
Do you like your partner to watch your face while you orgasm?: well, usually they are too...
Who in your couple usually reaches orgasm first?: i like to take care of her first.
In what sexual position do you most easily reach orgasm?: um... any.
How would you react if your partner was bisexual?: w00t!!!
How long could you go without having sex with your partner before you start feeling that there is a major problem in your relationship?: a week, usually.
Have you ever had a rape fantasy?: *no comment*
Would you have sex (using a condom) with a reasonably attractive stranger for one million dollars tomorrow evening?: let's go, stranger!
What is your favorite sexual fantasy?: that's like asking a mother to pick a favorite child
Ever fantasized about another person while having sex with a boyfriend/girlfriend?: there is no right answer to this question. usually, i'm just in the moment though.
How do you feel about using vibrators during intercourse?: it's like calling in an airstrike!
Have you ever tried the spoon position?: meh
Would you stop having sex to answer the phone?: nope.
Longest you've gone without having sex since you became sexually active?: 2-3 months, i think.
Most you've had sex in the same day?: 5 times
During foreplay, who usually takes your clothes off?: depends on our moods
What do you typically do after having sex?: head for the bathroom. pee!
Who has the greater sex drive in your couple?: the girl. i like 'em fiesty!
Do you talk while having sex?: sometimes
How do you feel about the person you lost your virginity to?: that girl is the biggest nutjob EVER.
Do you think prostitution should be legal?: yes, but only for people 21+.
Ever pulled your partner's hair during sex?: hell yeah!
Ever kissed a member of the same sex?: yes. there were drugs involved
Ever kept a memento of a sexual encounter?: yep. i still find various exes lacy underthings in my stuff.
Does the idea of having sex with a virgin turn you on?: meh. i like a woman with a little know-how.
Have you ever sucked on a mint before giving oral sex to increase the sensation for your partner?: that sounds like fun!
Would you like your partner to start performing oral sex on you while you slept?: I might jump, so make sure i'm somewhat awake first.. then go to town. :)
When your partner is performing oral sex on you, how much eye contact do you like? A lot
Which 'ejaculate management strategy' to you prefer?: at that point, I don't care what you do with it, as long as you don't give it back.
Would you perform oral sex on your partner after vaginal penetration?: yep, though I tend to not go quite as wild if there's any residue
How old were you when you first engaged in oral sex?: 13
Do you swallow your partner's ejaculate/vaginal excretions?: sure.
Do you enjoy giving cunnilingus/fellatio (oral sex)?: hell yes
How does the smell of your partner's genitals affect your desire to give oral sex?: well, fresh out of the sohwer is always more inviting
Do you enjoy receiving oral?: hell yes.
Do you enjoy giving oral?: hell yes!
How do you feel about naughty, dirty talk during sex?: yes ma'am
Do you find it sexy to have your toes sucked on or to suck on your partner's toes?: NO FEET!! Eeeeeew!
During a sexual intercourse, how much time does it usually take you to reach orgasm?: every time is different.
Have you ever had a condom break?: nope
Do you worry about getting pregnant each time you have sex?: not really, I don't think i could do that. ;)
With how many partners have you had unprotected sexual intercourse (no condom)?: no comment.
Does using a condom during sexual intercourse detract from your pleasurable sensations?: yep.
Have you ever gotten caught in the middle of a masturbating session?: nope
When you masturbate, who do you most often fantasize about?: sometimes pr0n, sometimes past experiences
How old were you when you first started masturbating?: 7
Have you ever masturbated while your partner was watching?: Sure
Would it bother you to learn that your partner masturbated while looking at porn?: it depends on the porn.
Would it turn you on to watch your partner masturbate?: hell yeah.
Do you and your partner use lubrication when giving/getting a hand job?: hand jobs? what am I, 12? :P
Have you ever had or given a discreet hand job/fingered in public?: define discreet...
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