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last train (not) to Clarkesville

I knew today was gonna be a crazy, exhausting kinda day, but....


I woke up this morning only to find that once again, the HR department of Goodwill has failed to put in my direct deposit. So I had to truck into work on my day off to grab my paycheck and print out my Amtrak itinerary. *grumble*

Anyway, on my way out of work, i was greeted by a few amusing trucks.

Wayne and Garth would be amused.

Man, what I wouldn't give to have that truck. Oh, you mean it's not full of what I think it is? Then fuck it.

Anyway, after picking up my check, running to the check cashing place and cashing it, I had to throw money in the bank for my student loan. Across the street from the bank (the Bay Parkway branch of Astoria Federal, for them as care,) I spied this fine emporium of haircutting goodness:

oi oi oi!

you can't see the sign, but it says "Punk Styles." I figured I wouldn't have to explain what I wanted too much in a place like that, so i went in. My hair was a shaggy mess because of my chronic procrastination about haircutting. I went in, there was a free chair, and i got my hair cut in record time by a surly russian woman with short hair named Laura. She did a great job, but it's a bit shorter than I planned. Pic firther down.

Anyway, i went home, mailed a package, grabbed some bagels, grabbed my shit and dashed to Queens to see melissa611 before I left. She's understandably freaking out a bit this week, so I thought it'd be nice to pop by. It went well for the most part, though I came in a bit surly because I was lugging all my shit over from the train. Her dad was gracious enough to drive me to Penn Station, which I thought was pretty cool of him.

After I checked in at the ticket counter, i discovered that my train was delayed. Yippee. Scheduled departure time was 7:35, we left at 7:50. The train was packed until we got to Philly. After that it was nice and empty. Very relaxing, I chatted on my phone to melissa611 and kingmob23, worked on a remix for Mindless Faith, listened to my iPod and just vegged out.

When we finally pulled in, I was greeted by meatbtmanifesto and her Uncle bob, who kicks ASS. Raine seemed really thrilled to see me, and we drove around the district for a little bit in a gas/electric hybrid car. (the dashboard is cool as hell.) Raine's uncle (who AFAIK works for the Dept. of Energy) pointed out lots of cool sights, so i feel like i got a cool tour. Raine's taking her SAT tomorrow in lieu of placement exams for college, so we didn't get to hang out much tonight.

Here at the hotel now, taking advantage of the free wireless broadband.

w00t! The wireless doesn't seem to like my outgoing mailserver though, so email's gonna be sparse. i'll be updating this thing when I can, and i'll be back in NYC late on sunday.

I took a walk around the neighborhood tonight to get a soda... reminds me of downtown Brooklyn, really, but with cherry blossoms.

Oh, I'm also a moron who forgot to bring his phone charger. I'll be checking voicemail a lot though, so leave me a message.

Ok, bedtime. if you need me, you know how to reach me. i love you all...

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