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...just want to believe. that i thought i was better than that. american pie gives me the eye for a split ...closed the door, and then remembered that I hadn't turned on the rear defroster, so I go to pull it back ...Gap finally comes out in june 2004. sooner dammit! *not officially part of the trilogy, but follows the first book/leads into ...spent the day recording some songs. Not a bad start to the weekend. let's hope that adage holds true....what an ...have all been featured on Mortal Kombat compilations at one time or another, and they have a tendency to brainwash troubled ...NFT: Not for Tourist's Guide to New York City. And its just.... wow. I've been spending so much time in Manhattan ...give a fuck because those few are the ones that matter I kind of feel like this may be a turning ... This a friends only journal. If you would like to be added please leave me a comment. Thank you :) ...says on the tin, MOFO OCHO will be ...shall now proceed to be cozy. Here are the articles for my next class: Let's Do the Time (time travel) Quantum ...
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