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scary shit

So I'm on the Q train coming home from visiting melissa611, when I see a shower of sparks out of the corner of my eye, and the train jerks and then stops... yikes!!

The conductor says that someone pulled the emergency brake, and they were investigating. In a couple of minutes, the train pulled forward about 20 feet. Another shower of sparks outside and a lurch, and the train comes to a halt. After a few minutes of no info, we're told to walk forward, as the first two cars are pulled into Church Avenue station. We never find out what the problem was...

Milling around on the platform, I run into Matt Shuster (hey aboxofpox, kingmob23, remember that guy?) We chatted about iPods, talked a little bit about old times, and I gave him my email address. Small world, huh? Another Q train arrived in a few minutes, going express. I got to Kings Highway just in time to miss my bus, but I spent a little money on a cab rather than walking 3/4 of a mile home. I now have $11 to my name. Yikes!

ok, bedtime for boring.
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