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Everything old is new again...

He Runs Too Fast For Us

Finally got the limited edition Front 242- Geography 2004 reissue CD today, and lemme tell you, it kicks ass. The band took the original multitrack tapes and cleaned and enhanced them with modern production techniques. The sound quality is fantastic, I'm hearing things I never noticed in the original, background sounds are loud and clear. They also threw in an unreleased track that was supposed to be on the album, and a second cd with demos, alternate versions and other goodies.

For those of you not familiar with Geography, this is 242's first album, released in 1982. it has a feel somewhat reminiscent of a darker, more discordant Kraftwerk, mixed with early strains of the militaristic EBM they later became legends for.

If you're into classic industrial, synthpop and EBM, grab this.
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