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courtesy of ladysoleil:

The Drug Policy Alliance is working on a new event to protest anti-music legislation and restrictive drug laws such as the RAVE Act. They've designated April 24th as a Day (and Night) of Outrage to protest and fight to protect our right to assemble and enjoy music in nightclubs, concert halls and live venues.

If you think this doesn't affect you, keep reading.


Members of Congress think the American people won’t stand up for their rights. On April 24th we’re going to prove them wrong.

Narrow-minded policymakers are working to shut down radio shows, TV shows, concerts, and other events they don’t like. In the last couple of weeks, the federal government has fined Clear Channel and Infinity Broadcasting more than a million dollars for daring to air radio shows considered offensive by bureaucrats. The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a bill making television stations pay massive fines if they air television shows Members of Congress find “indecent.” The Justice Department is using the RAVE Act to scare nightclubs away from playing certain kinds of music. The entire entertainment industry is under attack.

Now, Congress is considering legislation that would hold bands, DJs, bartenders, promoters, venue owners, radio stations and others liable if a patron uses drugs at a nightclub or concert. If enacted, music lovers could soon be unable to see their favorite band, DJ or other entertainment live. The economic impact on the music industry could be devastating. (For more detailed information on this legislation see the link at the bottom of this alert.)

Following the lead of local groups around the country, the Drug Policy Alliance is making April 24th a Day and Night of Outrage to protest these proposed laws, raise awareness among voters, and raise money to stop them. Already, music lovers in Billings (Montana), Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Santa Fe and Washington, DC are planning events. Without the help of people like you, this legislation could become law.

For more information and to find out what you can do to get involved:
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