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The name... is DUMAS

Ok, it's official, i'm a nitwit.

My cellphone's screen was getting a little scratchy, so a couple of weeks ago I ordered a new faceplate from Ebay. It's a bit of an involved task getting it apart to put the new one on, but no biggie, I could manage.

The problem was that I purchased a cheap faceplate. When this one got scratchy, I took it apart again to put the original plate back on, only to find that the little brass threaded bolts that were supposed to be attached to the faceplate had instead adhered to the phone's body itself. No big deal, I dissected the phone once more, this time I took it down to the circuit board. managed to get the errant pieces out... but.... when I put the ribbon cables back in for the screen and keypad, my keypad stopped working. I must have damaged the tiny little cables. Ack!

So... T-mobile's going to send me a new phone for $70, bit for the next few days, my phone number is strictly a voicemail number. i'll check it every few hours, but don't text me or call me expecting to talk, 'cause I can't get my phone!

Geez, I am stupid sometimes.

So, can anyone recommend a good cheap case for a Sony/Ericsson T610 (same as the T616/T618)? Prefereably one that doesn't cover the phone's good looks, or make me feel like I'm talking into someone's leather glove? I really hate cellphone cases, I wish they just sold a little clear disposable screen protector.
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