chris boring (doktor242) wrote,
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freeze, shoot to kill, or die!

ganked from djxfixi8
What comes to mind when you hear..
..snow?: cocaine
..rain?: girl
..tornado?: trailer park
..summer love?: farce
..Jon?: Prusik
..Mike?: Hunt
..Shea?: Stadium
..banana?: RAMA
..dizzy?: miss lizzie
..Laura?: san giacomo
..Juan?: two Bdrive
..white?: lines
..peppermint?: schnapps
..New Found Glory?: ________
..placebo?: dilbert juice?: vodka
..candid camera?: funt!
..sister?: nuns danny
..hate?: nazi long time ago
..President?: gore boring
..rap?: metal
..pop?: rocks
..rock?: roll
..punk?: steve yum
..death?: dark no!
..the end?: Apocalypse Now
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