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Ladies and gentlemen, the spam of the day...

candied Martinique waffles stress rancid
asylum weaknesses inviting expels tubes
Madeleine pregnant hustling credential refrain
millet oration steeper baths predate
Reeves majesties Negroes crosses chauffeur
Taipei inward tenure Snider scrounge
botanical enforcers jewelries bulldozes Belleville
disposable alundum toiled suffered Khartoum
Rasmussen McDougall Miami socialist altitudes
symposia offhand quickens redly smolder
widowed administer dazzle tolerantly ceilings
hemisphere knives confines chiefs Labrador
washers covet nonce diodes different
credit embassies postorder dowager stereotype
uncle upholds sclerotic stayed motion
Hoffman hilarious sandpaper arroyo refuting
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