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a quick one while he's away

A quickie update for you:

Sunday: Family BBQ. melissa611 joined us, and enjoyed nummies. Good shit. I know my family wishes I'd just settle down with her already, but right now, I'm not settling down with anyone.

Monday: Work. Bleh. (see monday's entry.) After work, BBQ at Dave's house. (Yes, Dave is the other person Mel's sleeping with. No, it wasn't weird, Dave is cool.) If ever there was a BBQ crawling with nerds, this was it. Yummy food, lots of booze. Mel overdid it and I put 34546578 friend points in the bank by taking her home, getting her tucked in and holding her puke bucket. I rule! I even hosed the bucket down, which seemed to impress her mom. I was drunk too, but taking care of someone tends to blow the fog off of you quickly.

When I left her house, and got to the train station, I was informed there was no N or 7 service due to a fire at Queens Plaza. That sucked. So I grabbed the bus into Manhattan (only a 15 minute ride over the Triboro, not bad at all,) and took the 2 train from 125th st. It was cool, one train all the way home beats 2 or 3. I liked the good quality subway nap you can get when you don't have to change trains and you're going to the last stop. good shit, I think this will be my route from now on. I takes the same amount of time either way, right?

Today, work again, then yummy Indian food with kingmob23. Read some comics (I'm up to date! w00t!!) listened to some good music. Had a nice chat with maryjanedoe as well, who I'm really glad has turned up here in LJ land.

A few observations:

1>it seems like this wireless thing's really catching on... before I left Steve's block, i pulled out my powerbook and found 10 wireless networks (6 of which were unencrypted.) That's on one block!!! On my block there are 7, only 2 of which are encrypted. (one of the secure ones is my aunts, which I set up. It's locked up tight!)

If you have a wireless network, do yourself a favor and change your settings... of the 17 networks I saw today 12 of them are on channel 6. Also, 8 of them were broadcasting the default SSID. I didn't try to hack anyone, but I bet of you knew the default admin password of these access points, it'd be child's play to lock people out of their own shit!

Set up some security! It's not hard!

2>i feel like i'm blaspheming here, but I think I like Download more than Skinny Puppy. i'm a bad rivethead, aren't i?

3>Go read this story. It's good. shamelessly ganked from boingboing

Tomorrow I have off. Call me before noon and I kill everyone you know. That is all.
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