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This weekend, I bought some gym shorts, new socks, sneakers, non-gym shorts. I'm ready for the gym, but scared of it.

I also bought the new Skinny Puppy (I give it a solid 7/10, but it's not that different from the demos I have. Packaging's real nice though) and the Chapelle's Show season 1 DVD. Now that's some funny shit. melissa611 got to see me be a good consumer.

I bought Rollins' The End Of Silence on cd at a Salvation Army for $3. I think it's out of print, but I'm really looking forward to hearing 'Low Self Opinion' again, it's been a good 7 years or so. I think you only had this on tape, kingmob23, so I'd imagine you'll want a rip of that out-of-print Rollins-y goodness?

I'm reading the second ans third Harry Potter books so I can go see the third movie this week. w00t!

Tomorrow I should be able to finally get Zebra 1.5. I participated in a group buy, so it's $90 off. In 2 weeks, I'm gonna buy Live 3. i'm psyched! i'll also have a cheap upgrade in a couple months to Live 4. I'm toying with the idea of either buying a new synth (an Alesis Ion,) or Reaktor 4. Anyone know if the newest version of Reaktor runs ok as an AudioUnit?

I'm looking forward to fucking shit up. Making new music. Got a lot of insanity in my head that needs to be let out to play. Oh yeah, and me and Travis' Dubok remix is now available on their website, along with the rest of their Dense single. Go get it.

Tomorrow, I drag my fat ass to the gym.

oh, and this is my new favorite Skinny Puppy song. Off to bed.
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