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dogs of war

Holy crap, this is amazing and scary!
stolen from boingboing.

"Four epilepsy patients at Washington University can now play videogames on brain
power alone. Bioengineers at the university implanted the patients with an
electrocorticographic (ECoG) "grid" that collects signals from the surface of
the brain."

I mean, the obvious applications are great... prosthetics, mobility devices for paralyzed or quadapalegic people are all great, but think about what the military's going to do with this... soldiers sitting safe in armored bunkers, while robotic killing machines take all the shots for them.  Great for the soldiers, of course, but the dehumanizing effects of this technology has the potential to make the horrors that happened in Vietnam and Abu Ghraib look like a trip to Six Flags.  If you were an invincible robot, all the sudden, civilian caualties just wouldn't seem so important, now would they?  Hell, put this techology and a good pilot in the hands of a good demolitions crew, and you have reusable kamikazes. 

Science fiction = the near future.  Are you scared yet?  I am.
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