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today I...

...almost finished a Jesus Jones remix with Travis. Yes, they still exist. Yes, we're kicking some ass here.

...ate a bagel (creamy cheesy, cheesy creamy)

...rediscovered an essay I loved.

...helped a friend move with melissa611.

...spoke to maryjanedoe. it's nice to stay friends with ones exes. especially the kickass ones... as opposed to the ones who ignore you when that walk past you on the street.

...had pot roast for dinner (from the diner, not homemade).

...missed a few important phone calls. sorry, meatbtmanifesto, squidprincess.

...had widely varying luck with public transportation.

...lost my ATM card (don't worry, I have an extra one) home from Queens pretty fast.

..saw a possum running across the street, right here in Brooklyn!

now I'm going to bed. Pretty exciting day for a lazy sunday, huh? I've got the next two days off (2 personal days I need to use before the end of the fiscal year.) Hopefully tomorrow, I'll get to chill with kingmob23 and Sara. In the meantime, goodnight, my children... sweet dreams.
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