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Best Grammar Diatribe EVER!!!!

This is taken from a thread at MacSlash, where someone called someone else a 'looser,' but meant 'loser'.  It is wonderful:

"I've decided I don't give a crap about being labelled a grammar nazi [sic], I just can't take it any more. In my estimate roughly 80% of contributors to online forums have no idea how to spell a simple word like lose and all its variants.
It's LOSE not LOOSE.
LOOSE means slack and RHYMES WITH NOOSE as in rope to kill yourself with.
LOOSER is what something is when it is made not quite so tight.
LOSER is probably the name people are now going to throw in my general direction.
By posting this wherever I see it I hope to make a tiny dent in the general stupidity of the world's population. Now pay attention and return to the topic with your new found knowledge.
Spread the word - LOSER. "

That brought a tear to my eye.  Wonderful.
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