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sex on wheels

Sex survey, courtesy of melissa611

1. Your gender is?: male

2. What general sexual category do you fit into?: straight.

3. Your parents' sexual orientations are: non-gay

4. Compared to a year ago you are: about the same.

5. How old are you?: 28

6. How old is your current love interest or most recent ex?: well, my ex is 22... not really seeing anyone right now.

7. How many times in the last month have you had sex with a partner(s)?: I dunno, like 5 i think.

8. How many times in the last month have you wanted to?: every day. ;)

9. What is the average number of orgasms you have in one session with a partner?: with someone? 1 (on special occasions, 2)

10. How old were you when you started masturbating?: 8. With results? 13

11a. How many times in the last month have you masturbated?: about 10?

12. Do you shoo your cat or dog out of the room when you're having sex?: i don't have either. but I had a bad run in with a cat i used to have.

13. As an adult what is the longest you've gone without sex?: about 5 months.

14. Your sex is messy enough to require a:
a. Tissue: always
b. Face cloth: always
c. Towel: sometimes

15. Are you friends with your ex(es)?: 90% of 'em. Roxanne is still on my shitlist, littlemiss718 can't stand me anymore, and Gen won't talk to me because she's some kind of freaky born again christian. I'm hoping my fight with pale_moon_villa will blow over at some point. But other than that, I think I get along ok with my exes. Ask Donna, ladysoleil, maryjanedoe, melissa611, ripmywingsoff or thewretchedrein if you don't believe me.

16. If you had sex with your good friend’s ex you would: ask permission first?

17. What do you want more of in your sex life?: variety.

18. The size of your dildo is: you mean the one attached to me? no comment.

19. If you expel gas during sex what do you do?: Laugh.

20. How many fingers?: get your fingers out of there!

21. In rounded figures how much did you spend on sexual entertainment in 2003 (include porn, telephone and professional services, Internet strip clubs, toys, etc)?: the internet is for free pr0n.

22. What percentage of the population do you think has sex more often than you?: 35%

23. What about unprotected sex?: like anything, it's more fun unprotected, but more likely to kill you.

24. Have you had a sexually transmitted disease?: nope

25. I do sometimes feel uncertain about what is or isn’t normal sexual behaviour.: sometimes.

26. Under what circumstances would you be comfortable being naked with strangers?: intoxicants would definitely be involved.

27. What makes your hottest fantasy your hottest fantasy?: violence?.

28. Women: have you found your G-spot?:

29. Women: do you ejaculate?: like shooting it out?

30. Still women: can you orgasm during intercourse/penetration?:

31. Men: can you orgasm without ejaculating? rarely. but yes.

32. Men: Have you ever measured your dick with other guys? nope

33. Still men: are you satisfied with the size of your member? I'm not, but other people are.

34. Do you give your lover instructions on how to increase your pleasure? And does your lover give you instructions?: absolutely

35. How many lovers have you said I love you to?: 8

36. How many simultaneously?: lalalalalala

37. If you could have whatever you wanted it would be:
a. Monogamy with one partner forever: she'd have to really be amazing.
b. Poly-amory with core partner: maybe... i can be very very jealous.
c. S/he’s monogamous, I’m not: to be honest, this would be easiest for me to do.
d. Serial monogamy: hrm... no. I want to settle down with a soulmate one day.
e. Many partners no commitment: meh.

38. How does your religion or spirituality affect your sexuality?: not at all

39. When do you tell someone you’re dating that you’re also dating someone else?: as soon as it gets serious.

40. Which do you like and which do you do?
1. Sex with someone you love: amazing.
2. Sex when you are sober: yes
3. Sex when you are altered (alcohol drugs): yes please
4. Sex with porn: oh fuck yeah.
5. Sex in nature: nature is icky
6. Sex with a stranger: once every few years at most
7. Sex in public: as long as no one can really see
8. Bondage or domination: yes.
9. Non-genital sex: huh?
10. Fetish fun: meh. no feet!
11. Sex in a group: definitely
12. Sex at work: yes.
13. S/M: light s/m only

41. What do you think about when you’re having sex?: did i leave the oven on? j/k. I like to concentrate on what I'm doing.

42. Can you remember the names of everyone you’ve slept with?: first names, with effort. last names, no.

43. How open was/is your relationship with your parents about sex?: i'm only startinmg to get comfortable with my mom about this stuff.

44. How do you like your showers? HOT.

45. What's your preferred method of birth/STD control?: birth control in a relationship, condoms if not.

46. When choosing a mate is his/her sexual history a significant factor (assuming everything is copacetic healthwise)?: No. i'd be a hypocrite.

47. Giving oral sex is: my favorite!

48. Do you have sex with someone when you don't necessarily feel like it?: rarely.

49. If you have one-night stands how do you feel afterward?: I feel fine. I had a couple and never saw them again. That's how it should be.

50. Sexual position faves: girl on top, missionary, ankles over my shoulders. mrow.

51. Have you ever started to have sex and been completely turned off by some aspect of your partner's body when he/she undressed?: I don't remember a time like that. Maybe if someone was way too skinny, that is a bit odd. body type is mostly irrelevant to me.

/ed: fixed all the answers I missed before.
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