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We didn't come here to talk politics.

Take the selectsmart 'Who is your ideal candidate' quiz.

My results:

</b>Your Results:

1. </b>Your ideal theoretical candidate.   (100%)  Click here for info
2. </b>Cobb, David - Green Party   (81%)  Click here for info
3. </b>Nader, Ralph - Independent   (81%)  Click here for info
4. </b>Brown, Walt - Socialist Party   (72%)  Click here for info
5. </b>Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat   (64%)  Click here for info
6. </b>Badnarik, Michael - Libertarian   (43%)  Click here for info
7. </b>Peroutka, Michael - Constitution Party   (20%)  Click here for info
8. </b>Bush, President George W. - Asswipe   (14%)  Click here for info
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