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What gets heard...

Something I noticed recently because of two very divergent albums.

Fixmer/McCarthy- Between The Devil

The Raveonettes- Chain Gang Of Love

These two cds are an example of something that's been prevalent lately... albums that are great, fill a niche that's currently empty, but not really innovative.

The Raveonettes sound just like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spiritualized or Spaceman 3; droney, heroin tinged shoegazer rock... considering how long it's been since the last really great J&MC album, and that the last Spiritualized album was a turd of epic proportions, (note: British people should never attempt gospel music,) we needed this.

Fixmer/McCarthy was described by kingmob23 as "the album Terrance Fixmer has been wanting to make for years, and exact mix between Nitzer Ebb's That Total Age and Front 242's Front By Front." I said it sounds like "Belief, as produced by Codec and Flexor." Not original at all, and McCarthy is totally revisiting the first 3 Nitzer Ebb albums like whoa, but fuck it, it's good. Other than Stromkern, I haven't heard a really great industrial dancefloor stomper like 'Destroy' since the Covenant put out 'Tension.' The dancefloor fodder in the hard industrial scene since then has been either weak, anemic crap like Bruderschaft, or pisspoor imitation Leæther Strip acts like Aslan Faction. All the good industrial in the past 5 years or so has been in the abstract realm, leaving the dancefloor behind. It's good to be ready to stomp again..

It's all over the place, lots of bands evoking memories of other bands that aren't around anymore, or aren't as good anymore. Radio 4 (The Clash, anyone?) Appliance (sure sounds like Wire to me). i'm sure I could list others.

Food for thought.
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