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i am sofa king we todd ed

the scar you're most proud ofthe broken glass one on my pinky
your favourite condimentsalsa
if you have frecklesnope
your preferred method of cookingvia telephone: "hello, Golden Corner?"
what shoes you're wearingAirwalks
how many children you have0
the first person you french kissedAnna, my next door neighbor.
your preferred breed of dogmutts
where you were bornLefferts General Hospital, which is no longer exists
what colour underwear you're wearingred
where your keys are right nowon my keyboard, silly.
if you have split endsnope
when you last got laidwednesday
your opinion on airline foodblech
what cosmetic surgery you would considerliposuction? Laser hair removal?
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onsee saw!
your worst maladyinsanity
if your mum loves your dadi bet she misses him
if you can sing wellyep
what your olympic event would beloafing?
someone you admireJean-Luc DeMeyer
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapLichtenstein
the last time you criedMay
your most interesting sexual congress locationthe back of my H.S. athletic field
part of the Sunday papers you read firstThe Best Buy flyer
the languages you speak"Me fail engilsh? That's unpossible!"
the religion you were raised inCatholocism
if you can draw wellnot toooo bad.
your favourite photographfrom my 2002 office xmas party:
what you should be doing instead of thisworking

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