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My current favorite song lyric

[I've loved this one since HS]

"I'm lying on my back now
 The stars look all too near
 Flowers on the razor wire
 I know you’re here
 We are few
 And far between
 I was thinking about her skin
 Love is a many splintered thing
 Don’t be afraid now
 Just walk on in
 Her eyes were cobalt red
 Her voice was cobalt blue
 I see no purple light
 Crashing out of you
 So just walk on in
 Her lovers queued up in the hallway
 I heard them scratching at the door
 I tried to tell her
 About Marx and Engels, God and angels
 I don’t really know what for"

The Sisters of Mercy- 'Ribbons'

I think it's a shame the Sisters haven't done anything new in over 10 years; I think if he had been consistently writing, Andrew Eldritch could have been a natural heir to Leonard Cohen. (Obviously, Cohen's a huge influence, just going by the band name, the cover they do of Teachers, and the album named after a line from Teachers. (Some Girls Wander By Mistake.)

Just a thought.
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