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Stolen from the lovely kazeth:

Name- Christopher Matthew Muzykant
Nickname(s)- Chris, Dok, asshole
Birthdate- 04/09/76
Location- brooklyn
Height- 6'
Weight- 280ish. I need to go to the gym more often.
Eyecolor- hazel, or green, depending on the day and my mood.
Haircolor- dark brown and spiky
Zodiac sign- scorpio
Full Ethnicity- italian/irish/Czech/Polish
Righty or Lefty- Ambidextrous, actually. I eat with my right hand, and write with my left, but I can switch if necessary.

--Rate yourself 1-10- Anywhere between 5 and 8, depending on what we're judging by.
--What do you think others think about you when they first see you? "Wow, he's tall"
--Do you think you are a good or bad person?- It really depends... i'm a bed guy with a good streak, or a good guy with a bad streak... sheesh, I feel like the Punisher or something.
--What problems do others most frequently have with you?- I sometimes keep my feelings inside too much.
--If you could change 3 things about yourself what would they be?- speed up my metabolism, give myself a stronger work ethic, learn to drive.
--When you die how do you want to be remembered?- for being creative
--Are you hateful?- I sure as fuck can be hateful if it applies, but I'm generally forgiving. You have to be a vile human being for me to hate you.
--Are you loving?- it takes me a while to give of myself, but when I do, I give totally.
--Are you judgemental?- I can be.

What best Describes you:
--Image - something in the Soviet Realist style
--Color- blue
--Word- variable
--Scent- speed stick?
--Song- Steril- Deep
--Movie- Donnie Darko
--Feeling- cautious optimism
--Place- the places inbetween... train tracks, airplanes, highways.

--Favorite Clothing- black BDU pants
--Favorite shoes- black paratrooper boots with zippers
--Favorite car- 1974 Chevy Nova
--Favorite movie- Hrm... right now I'm thinking, Gattaca. It may change.
--Favorite book- This changes regularly .. the past year or so it's been Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
--Favorite song- at the moment...'Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before'
--Favorite band- haujobb
--Favorite Place- I'm kind of partial to the Inner Harbor district of Baltimore. I liked Heidelberg, Germany too.
--Socks- black tube socks
--Food- sushi
--Pasttime- making music.

--Your type physically- The girls I like tend to fall into two broad categories. The first type is medium to heavy build, average to short height. Usually they wear glasses and... is there a polite way to say tits and ass? ;)
The other type I tend to go for is kind of waifish, wan, pale and fragile looking. Not anorexic model skinny, just kind of... fragile.
In either case, I go for girls with glasses, pretty eyes, pale skin (if they're white; they don't have to be,) usually dark hair, but I've been known to make exceptions.
--Your type mentally- intelligence is the most important factor. Sarcasm. Wit. A keen eye for beauty, but not conventional beauty... I'd rather she see the beauty in rusting steel bridges and old power plants. I tend to be attracted to writers, artists, singers. Creative intellectual types.
--Your best- Treated me best? Probably ladysoleil. Man did I screw that up.
--Your worst- Roxanne. The less said about her, the better.
--Are you in a relationship now?- no.
--Do you want to be in one?- yes and no. I miss intimacy, miss having someone to share my triumphs and defeats with... but I'm not sure I can give my heart 100% to someone yet, as I'm only just getting back the pieces of it I've scattered around so liberally.
--Name their best qualities- n/a
--Name their worst- n/a
--What made you fall for them?- n/a
--Tell about a favorite moment or 2 in a relationship(s)- The point when you realize you're comfortable sitting in the same room, doing two different things, and it doesn't matter that you're not talking to each other for 10, 20 minutes at a time. you draw comfort and happiness from their presence alone.
--Marriage?- Eventually.
--Ever thought about marriage?- I once went so far as to see what time city hall opened; it was a delirious night.
--Kids?- one, if any.
--What would their names be? If a girl, Sydney, for my father. If a boy... Robert, maybe.
--How many sex partners?- more than you. trust me.
--Last sex partner?- melissa611
--How long ago?- several weeks ago.
--Were they good?- yes.
--Was it relationship,friends with benefits,or casual?- it was the final death rattle of a relationship.
--Were they male or female?- female. I checked.
--Would you have sex with someone who is the same sex as you?- no, unless they are Trent Reznor
--Best sex place- "like the back of a volkswagon?"
--Best sex partner- ummm... errr..... I can't say. She reads thie journal, and i don't want her ego to get huge.
--Worst thing you ever did sexually- worst in what way?
--Skills?- Oral sex. I'm not an egotistical person, but I am really good at that.

--Kiss- the ex.
--Phone conversation- someone work related
--TV show watched- Invader Zim
--Movie- The Matrix for the 235345th time.
--Love- I don't stop loving so easily... let's just say there's a few girls on my friends list that can still make me cry.
--Shower- this morning.
--Song- Love and Rockets - Too Much Choice
--Food eaten- bagel w/ scallion cream cheese
--E mail- my cousin
--Instant Message- squidprincess
--Thought- I should leave work now!
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