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As I have mentioned on several occasions, I'v'e been cleaning my room for a week now. It's finally done. Click behind the cut to see how I went from this:

to this:

So I've been putting this off for about 6 months... I hate cleaning my room, but it needed to be done. With the immanent arrival of the G5, my first step was to document where I began:

It wasn't pretty.

Awful, huh?

The work began a couple of days before my parents and little brothers left for Florida. I started gather up papers, junk, and old magazines (2 years worth of out-of-date Macworld and MacAddict isues, and about 43651284567895 MacMall catalogs.)

My folks left, and my G5 arrived on Wednesday. When I got home from work, I had already cleared enough space for it to sit comfortably on my desk. I took a day or 2 off to play with it, truth be told....

Once the G5 arrived, it was time to tackle the issue of CDs. I hate CDs. They're fragile, they take up a ton of space, and they just suck. I'm ripping all of mine, and putting them in storage. Here you can see the boxes:

I soon discovered that I have a full size bed!

Continued in Part 2...
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