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Fables of the Reconstruction

so, on friday, a few good things happened. One, my parents' starter kit for Verizon DSL finally arrived. I finally talked them into getting real broadband (not AOL's stupid USB based service they've had for a year) and setting up a home network, so I can use their net, and my brother and I can play Starcraft online.

meatbtmanifesto also arrived friday night, to keep me company while I worked on this project. She did her schoolwork, I worked on cleaning and ripping CDs, and we both chilled out and relaxed.

Things went rather quickly with her around to keep my spirits up. She also came to work with me on saturday. It went well, my crazy people all really like her, and she thought my meatloaf was yummy.

As you can see, there was a lot of trash:

No, I mean a lot of trash:

Anyway, I think the results speak for themselves:

Anyway, I'm doing well, except that Apple forgot to include the AirPort antenna in my G5's box, so I can't set up the wireless till they ship me a new one. Dammit!
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