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Big Vektor7 update!!!

The Neotek 'Brain Over Muscle' 2cd deluxe reissue will be released October 5th on Cleopatra Records. sub_divide's remix of 'Into Silence' appears, as do great mixes by Interface, Digital Geist, Fabrik Nos and others. You can read more about it on Neotek's site. The EP 'Mind Over Matter,' with another sub_divide mix will follow soon.

There is a new Hexane track available for download. You can check it out here.

The remix parts for Hexane's '403 [Forbidden]' are available here; we'd love to hear your versions of this classic Hexane track.

Hexane is also playing it's first show (with Interface) at Nocturnal Creatures on Friday, October 15th. Watch this space for details.

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