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everyday is no frills, empty crills, empty 40 bottles and MC's with skills

For those who have been following my exploits, I'm home now; my flight came in a bit before midnight and my stepdad picked me up.

A full report with a few pics to follow. I had a very nice time, and would gladly recommend a visit to Arizona to anyone. Thanks to squidprincess for the hospitality.

I'm having trouble with my email right now, so anyone who might be expecting a mail from me should be patient.

don't forget this weekend is my first Hexane show, at Nocturnal Creatures. Honestly, this is my first show as Hexane, and my first show of any kind since 1999, so don't expect a tour-de-force, but it will definitely be interesting. Hope to see all my L.I. peeps there.

Oh, and for anyone who is into hip hop at all, you need to get the Cannibal Ox cd, it's fucking amazing.

Now I'm going ot try to force my body back onto eastern standard. Wish me luck.
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