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Hexane reperesenting Brooklyn

Well, while I wouldn't say the Hexane show was a resounding success, it was pretty good. I'll get the pictures up in a day or so. I was struck by some technical difficulties, but on the whole the show was well received. (Next time I'll plug in my laptop; keeping it in low power mode crashed Live.)

Thanks to aboxofpox, diamondbankman1, djmaniak, elektrovst (of course), Evan, gridlocke, Charles, kingmob23, Sara, melissa611, salemwitch, thewretchedrein, Frannie and softestblade for all your support and encouragement. The next show will be even better; maybe you'll be able to hear my vocals!

Interface ripped it up as always. I was particularly impressed by maschinezukunft's jury rigged laptop stand; I need me one of those. Eric's showmanship is growing by leaps and bounds, even if he does wear his sunglasses at night. ;)

I'm thinking maybe a show at the Batcave this winter. Hrm...
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