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something I realized in someone else's journal:

I have a theory that fashion ends for most heterosexual males sometime between their 18th and 25th birthday, and any further developments in fashion after then will be completely impossible for him to assimilate.

This is why I cannot abide Uggs, mukluks, or the more extreme variants of the pineapplehead look.

To me, the most classic footwear possible are 14-eyelet Doc Martens, or the classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Some baggy BDU pants will always be more stylish and comfortable to me than any designer label crap (note; I'm so hopelessly out of fashion, I can't even figure out what men's pants are fashionable so I can make fun of them.) I don't believe in spending over $30 on a shirt, no matter who designed it, or what it's made of. (Unless it's a Ben Sherman. After all, Meat Beat Manifesto said "that's a a nice shirt".)

This will probably never change. I will always be a somewhat unkempt white guy in an industrial t-shirt, although girls tell me I clean up nice. I guess I'm the rivethead equivalent of this guy, stuck inside the glory years of his youth.
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