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FUCK WINDOWS!!!!111asdfsadfzsfvzdfvb

No, seriously, fuck you, Bill Gates.

My work computer is running Windows XP Professional, with Service Pack 2 installed. My antivirus and spyware programs are up to date, and everything should be humming nicely, right? right? WRONG!

Just about every day for the last 2 months, when I have clicked on 'My Computer', EXPLORER.EXE has locked up, and I've had to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to kill it. At which point my desktop icons, Start menu, taskbar and system tray disappear. No shit.

Obviously, I can't really get much done without some kind of application launcher, no? So I reboot the machine... only to find that they are STILL GONE.

Now, up until a week or so ago, by the third time I rebooted, the taskbar, icons and start menu would reappear. Friday, my machine decided it just wouldn't boot at all. Wonderful. So I pulled it from this machine, plopped it in another machine, and ran scandisk, which fixed the problem enough that I can boot, but no more. I figured that maybe the problem is that the disk was formatted FAT 32, so over the wekend I let the command line conversion utility convert it to NTFS.

Well, here I am, on this lovely morning, staring at a screen with no fucking taskbar. LOVELY.

Now, I'm not saying Mac OS X is perfect, but when my Finder crashes, I just fucking restart it, and everything works again. And even the worst crash I have EVER had in OS X was fixed the next time I booted up my machine. Windows is a piss poor operating system, because EXPLORER.EXE has it's little hooks so deep into everything, that when it goes, you might as well drag your computer out in the back and shoot it. The only reason I can post this is because I know the DOS names of Internet Explorer and Outlook, and can open them in the Task Manager that pops up when I hit Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Ok, i'm done venting, but if someone here knows how to fix this, I'll owe them BIG TIME.
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